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From the perspective of Fluke Wrigley Michaud . . .


by Alannah Joy Michaud

I'm rockin' them goggles,

I'm cute as can be;

Look at me smiling,

I'm one happy me.

My Mommy comes with me,

Gets down on the floor;

I'm back to the puppy,

That I was before.

Laser therapy's working,

It helps me not ache;

Prior to treatment,

I'd shake and I'd shake.

The pain is subsiding,

My spine feels so good;

Daddy can't keep up,

The way that he should.

The spring in my step,

Which had gone away;

Is more and more present,

With each passing day.

I'm rockin' them goggles,

How cool does it get?

Maybe, perhaps

I'm the luckiest pet!

(c) 2018 by Alannah Joy Michaud